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A personal travel journal

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Tour de Niu is my personal travel journal. In 2020, between the first two COVID-19 waves in Europe, I bought a used electric scooter and did a tour through France. I want to share my experiences with my friends, family and the occasional stranger on the internet.
Also I want to show a way to do low impact environmentally friendly tourism and encourage others to make their own dream tours. I hope you all enjoy what I post. If you have feedback or questions, please write me a mail or talk to me on twitter.

I don’t use referal links. I receive neither money, nor goods nor services from others in exchange for publishing this blog.

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Nicolai von Neudeck
Hasenheide 57
10967 Berlin


Twitter-DM an @vonneudeck

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Nicolai von Neudeck
Hasenheide 57
10967 Berlin

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